AUTHOR Sari Sikstrom

When I browse in my favorite second hand bookstore, I am not looking for the current best seller, award winner or the most eye-catching cover. I search for a well read book that has an inscription, marginalia, or ephemera; which creates a dynamic secondary story about the readers before me.

While working a full-time job I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from the University of Alberta. My writing is influenced by my travel adventures. I have crossed the desert by camel, drifted in a hot air balloon, floated to earth under a parachute, bounced from a bungee, sailed the Pacific Ocean, underwater photography  with the Cousteau Society,bicycled through the valley of the kings, hiked the great wall and run a marathon. What I treasure above all is the companionship of my friends.

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My namesake Sari Adair

Brain vs. Brawn Rip Kirby / Alex Raymond
Ne-er-do-well Brawn Adair stands to inherit a fortune unless a late multi-millionaire's granddaughter is located and Rip is hired to find her. The girl's whereabouts are unknown, but clues lead Rip to the South Seas. The girl is now a grown woman, captaining her own schooner . Meanwhile, Brawn has followed Rip to ensure Sari does not return to claim the inheritance