"I love the characters and the locations also the gradual unfolding of the story, anyone who likes to be transported to exotic parts of the world will love this book as much as I do." S. Brand

"Watermark is a delightfully written investigative adventure & journey both inward & out..." Gwen G.

"I found myself re-reading so many paragraphs with a smile on my face." Patricia

"The characters, the settings, the writing...just wonderful stuff. I recommended it to the folks in my book club." G. Spotowski

"The attention to detail, authentic suspense. I hope there's another book to read by Sari in the very near future." B. Klingspoon

"A compelling read. The author's gift for excellent character development and fascinating detail made this a delightful and entertaining novel." B. Rodney

"Watermark captures your attention and takes you on a surprising search from rural Alberta to England, Italy and beyond. The story is coloured with thoughtful descriptions and engaging remembrances of people and places." N. Zigarlick

“In an incredibly poetic and lyrical story, Watermark’s central character Vela Ostofvold searches for her real identity and the father she has never known.” J. Chapman

"Watermark is a novel that shines a spotlight on Sari's incredible imagination and shimmers with her vivid description of foreign locales." B. Maxwell

"You had me at Forensic Librarian! What a great concept! This was such a well written novel. I could not put it down! Would love to see a second novel." E. Brodas